Are you a jazz professional? Then don’t miss the conference on Friday 26 June. inJazz, a catalyst for new developments, is bringing together the supply and demand sides of the Dutch jazz scene, so knowledge and experience can be shared and international relationships formed. The programme includes inspirational panels, workshops and presentations.

You will not just be sitting still and listening. Walking around and establishing relationships are just as important. inJazz encourages networking via its matchmaking programme. Use our online appointment system to plan brief get-togethers, e.g., with booking agents, label owners and media professionals. The Jazz Pitch is another important networking moment. During inJazz, you – as an ambitious musician – register for short sessions in which professionals listen to your music and/or answer questions about your career.

A special part of inJazz is announcing the winner of the Buma Boy Edgar prize, a prestigious Dutch prize for jazz and improvised music. A number of previous winners of this prize are Jasper Blom, Martin Fondse, Wilbert de Joode, Tineke Postma, Jeroen van Vliet, Oene van Geel and Yuri Honing.



Music lovers will be thrilled by the scintillating series of showcases. Promising Dutch jazz acts, but also more seasoned groups, will hit the stage on Thursday and Friday night to show what they’re capable of. They hope to gain new fans and to level up their career.

The next generation of jazz is attending under the moniker – surprise! – Next Generation Jazz, rounding up the most talented master students of the seven Dutch conservatories.

A number of important European jazz festival promoters taking part in the European Talent Program for jazz have picked a remarkable jazz act from their country. It is the intention that these bands will perform at all of the European festivals in the near future, including inJazz.

Acts who have hit the stage at inJazz in the last couple of years included:
Benjamin Herman trio, Bl3NDER, BRUUT!, Dominic J Marshall trio, Franz von Chossy trio, Jasper Blom Quartet, Jeroen van Vliet’s trio, Kapok, Karsu, Lars Dietrich, Maarten Hogenhuis Trio, Re:Freshed Orchestra, SINAS, Simin Tander Quartet, Sebastiaan van Bavel trio, Teus Nobel, Tin Men and the Telephone, De Raad van Toezicht, Voodrish and Zitakula.