Early Bird conference tickets on sale now

1 March 2020

From today a limited amount of Early Bird tickets for […]

This year’s conference focus: Portugal and Spain

27 January 2020

Each year inJazz zooms in on the jazz scene in […]

Successful former inJazz showcases

27 January 2020

At inJazz, musicians and singers are given the opportunity to […]

Dutch line-up at Winter Jazzfest New York

12 December 2019

Since its founding in 2005, Winter Jazzfest has cemented a […]

Showcase your repertoire!

9 December 2019

At inJazz 2020, Dutch musicians and singers will be given […]

Special night for Jasper Blom, winner of the Buma Boy Edgar Prize 2019

5 December 2019

The Buma Boy Edgar Prize, the most important reward in […]

Dutch inJazz at jazzahead!

11 October 2019

The upcoming jazzahead! takes place from 23 through 25 April […]

Recap Jazz World Cafe

4 July 2019

Powered by TINC initiated the Jazz World Cafe at Room […]

Behind the scenes of ‘WHY DIY’ with Noam Vazana

3 July 2019

Every year, a number of students work behind the scenes […]

The Buma Boy Edgar Prize 2019 goes to Jasper Blom

28 June 2019

The Buma Boy Edgar Prize, the most prestigious award for […]

Sound Out: announcement participating musicians 2019-2020

28 June 2019

During the inJazz conference, Sound Out announced the participating musicians […]

12 Points Festival x BIMHUIS programme announced during inJazz

28 June 2019

Improvised Music Company, the Dublin based curators and producers of […]

Mo van der Does on fellow musicians, his debut album and wishlist

25 June 2019

This year, with various panels during the conference in Rotterdam […]

Meet Celia Swart from SWART.

19 June 2019

Every year, a number of students work behind the scenes […]

Rotterdam’s city poet Dean Bowen & inJazz

17 June 2019

Rotterdam’s new city poet Dean Bowen is fascinated by jazz […]

Join the Elevator Jazz Pitch

7 June 2019

You are an artist, a composer, a band leader. You […]

KALI: Pushing the boundaries of what happened before

5 June 2019

For each edition of inJazz, a number of festivals and […]

Matchmaking Sessions: See all and apply now

4 June 2019

One of the fixed networking moments during the conference are […]

A chat with musician Tijn Wybenga about talent development

22 May 2019

At this year’s inJazz, Developing New Creatives is one of […]

Festival line-up announcement

4 April 2019

We proudly present the first names of our festival line-up! […]

Two new conference panels

22 March 2019

From now on we will keep introducing more of the […]

A little chat with Federica Michisanti

11 March 2019

Bass and double bass player Federica Michisanti (IT) performed live […]

Early Bird Conference Tickets now on sale + announcement first two panels

21 February 2019

Inspirational panels, presentations and all kinds of networking opportunities. inJazz […]

Don’t miss out: only a couple days left to apply for the showcases programme

11 February 2019

How to handle a tight deadline? Go to our application […]

From inJazz to 3 Days of Jazz with Rogier Telderman

8 January 2019

Ask professionals who have attend the inJazz conference about their […]

Showcase your talent at inJazz

4 December 2018

Attention to all Dutch musicians and composers: the application for […]

Save the date: 27 & 28 June 2019

30 November 2018

InJazz transforms the city of Rotterdam into the European capital […]

Successful 12th edition of inJazz with over 300 networking sessions and 40 (inter)national bands

30 June 2018

inJazz served as the official prelude to North Sea Round […]

Jasper van ‘t Hof wins Buma Boy Edgar Prize 2018

29 June 2018

The Buma Boy Edgar Prize, the most prestigious award for […]

Presentatie JWC Coalitie tijdens inJazz

29 June 2018

De nieuwe Jazz, World & Contemporary Coalitie heeft zich vandaag […]

inJazz: the international place to be

24 May 2018

General manager of inJazz, Ikaros van Duppen: “The big plus […]

Reminiscing with Broken Brass Ensemble

17 May 2018

inJazz spoke to Robert van den Bosch from Broken Brass […]

World at inJazz 2018

2 May 2018

Jazz is the foremost musical genre to engage in ground-breaking […]

Yves Peeters from Kleptomatics about inJazz 2018

30 April 2018

We don’t have an official stage act, but there is […]

inFestival line-up announcement

19 April 2018

inJazz is pleased to announce new acts, added to the […]

Dutch inJazz at jazzahead!

19 April 2018

Who will we meet at this year’s jazzahead! in Bremen? […]

Dutch inFestival names announced

16 April 2018

You’ll find the best jazz of today and tomorrow during […]

Early Bird tickets now on sale

1 March 2018

inJazz requires a small registration fee for attending the conference. […]

This year’s focus: Switzerland, Austria and Italy

1 March 2018

During inConference on Friday 29 June, inJazz will follow up […]

Final call for inJazz showcase applications

22 February 2018

Final call for Dutch acts! Would you like to perform […]

Will you be part of this year’s inJazz festival programme?

8 February 2018

On 28 and 29 June, inJazz will organize its 12th […]

Showcase your talent

4 December 2017

Attention to all musicians and composers: the application for inJazz […]

Save the date

4 December 2017

We’re happy to announce that inJazz 2018 will take place […]

Throwback on inJazz

11 July 2017

450 music professionals, over 30 acts and numerous fans. We […]

Gift for speakers by Derek Otte, city poet of Rotterdam

7 July 2017

We look back on a successful edition of inJazz on […]

Announcement of the winner of the Buma Boy Edgar Prize 2017

26 June 2017

Congrats to Martin Fondse! The Buma Boy Edgar Prize is […]

Apply now for the inJazz Matchmaking sessions

9 June 2017

One of the fixed networking moments during inJazz are the […]

Early Bird tickets: last chance!

1 June 2017

Did you buy a ticket for inConference already? The Early […]

Next Generation Jazz

22 May 2017

Jazz music is rooted in a tradition of high-quality musicians. […]

Blog by panel member Ashley Kahn

22 May 2017

“In these polarized, hyper-politicized times, what is the role of […]

Rajae El Mouhandiz

15 May 2017

In times of migration, digitalization and increased economic and social […]

Buma Boy Edgar Prize 2017

10 May 2017

The Buma Boy Edgar Prize is awarded each year to […]

Complete inFestival line-up

26 April 2017

You’ll find the best jazz of today and tomorrow during […]

A little throwback with EvenSanne

24 April 2017

It wasn’t just the general public and the jazz professionals […]

GOSTO goes abroad!

14 April 2017

Back in 2015, GOSTO was one of the inJazz showcases. […]

Dutch inJazz at Jazzahead! 2017

15 March 2017

The 12th edition of Jazzahead! will take place from 27 […]

Early bird tickets on sale now!

28 February 2017

Buy your inJazz 2017 conference ticket (€ 25) and get 40% discount off the full ticket price.

Last week to apply for our showcases

22 February 2017

You still have a little time left to apply for […]

Showcase yourself! | Meet the jury members

19 January 2017

Want to gain new fans and level up your career? […]

Save the date

15 December 2016

We’re happy to announce that inJazz 2017 will take place […]

Start 2017 with showcasing your talent

15 December 2016

InJazz offers you the chance to showcase your talent for […]

Looking back on inJazz 2016

29 June 2016

It’s a wrap! Looking forward to the next edition? Make […]

Wilbert de Joode wins Buma Boy Edgarprijs 2016

24 June 2016

The Buma Boy Edgarprijs is the most prestigious Dutch award […]