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Jazz and the Fair Practice Code

This panel is Dutch spoken. The Fair Practice Code was […]

Jazz World Cafe: Co-creating International Music Exchange

Initiative The Jazz World Cafe brings musicians and supporting organizations […]

Developing New Creatives

A panel on talent and talent development seems to be […]

Music Rights On Tour, The Jazz Edition

This panel about music rights is Dutch spoken. For many […]

WHY DIY? Breaking into the international market

What does it mean to manage yourself as an artist? […]

The Festival Challenge, BeNeLux edition

Back by popular demand during inConference: The Festival Challenge. This […]

Presentation: Who is selected for Sound Out?

Sound Out is a new professional development and mentoring platform […]

Brexit & All That Jazz: Opportunity Knocks!

Surely Brexit – if it happens – will offer challenges […]

Rotterdam, the 10th island of Cape Verde

Contrary to its dry image, the Cape Verde Islands offer […]

Welcome to the club

Running a jazz club is nothing less of a challenge […]

12 Points at Bimhuis: announcement of the selected acts

Earlier this year, the Dublin based jazz resource and festival […]

Are we booking the future?

In this panel an international quartet of experienced professionals will […]

No scene is an island

But what about scenes on an island? After several years […]