23 June 2023 - 21:20 - 22:10   |  LantarenVenster – room one

Listening to Ambergris is like taking a journey through key moments in the tenor saxophonist Nicolò Ricci’s life. Expect cutting-edge jazz, full of courage, adventure and drama, with melodies and harmonies borrowed from Italian pop and Western classical music.

Nicolò’s father, Paolo Ricci, is a contemporary classical composer and used to play the contrabasso in the RAI National Orchestra. “When I was still a little kid he often took me with him to rehearsals. Back then I did not realize how unique and special that was.”

Bellissimǝ is an album into which the Italian Amsterdam citizen has audibly poured all his heart and soul. Nicolò: “If there is something like a theme or a connection or a common thread, it would be that I was heavily inspired by classical music. Mozart, Debussy and Beethoven – especially his Symphony no. 7. Classical music is what I listen to the most. It touches me the most, that pure combination of melodies and harmonies.” He smiles: “Also, I listen to Italian disco.”

The Ambergris band members have forged their special artistic and human bond through their long-lasting experience together in several other bands active in the Dutch music scene. Nicolò: “The recording session was pretty intense and emotional. We are not only a band but also close friends and we all have different and strong personalities and that at times can end up in having strong discussions, but I see that as a positive thing. Everyone in the band gave everything to the music, I think the result is special and very honest.”

Nicolò Ricci – tenor sax
Alessandro Fongaro – upright bass
Sun-Mi Hong – drums
Emanuele Pellegrini – piano and synths

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