Andrés Coll Cosmic Trio (ES)

27 June 2024 - 19:00 - 19:40   |  MOOD – Club room

Andrés Coll is a multifaceted vibraphonist known for his diverse musical skills in performing, composing and researching. He is interested in primitive music, modern jazz, free improvisation and, most importantly, folk music. Together with violinist Mateusz Smoczynski and drummer Ramón López he forms the Andrés Coll Cosmic Trio.

The Andrés Coll Cosmic Trio brings together a core of musicians who combine the research of folk music from their own cultures with an avant-garde spirit and free improvisation. This fusion results in vibrant music of great energy and dynamism. They investigate the archaeology of musical cultures, digging for the roots of a singular primal music. Fresh, joyful and original the trio transcend barriers of genre. Their music tells a captivating story that bridges the past with the present.

Andrés Coll – electric marimba, castanets
Mateusz Smoczynski – violins
Ramón López – drums, tabla

This showcase is presented by Fira B!

Photo by Juan Franese