Blue Sands

26 June 2020 - 20:50 - 21:05   |  Room 2: BIMHUIS - live

Vocals and bass: an exciting and intimate combination. The beauty of this jazz/ pop duo lies in its ‘symplesse’. Blue Sands shows that with just one voice and one bass you can create a strong basis for a song and draw the attention to the story. Their characteristic sound leaves space which could be filled, but doesn’t need to.

Belgian singer Esther Van Hees and Dutch electric bass player Reindert Kragt met during their jazz master at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and have played together ever since. For this new project, they choose a text or melody which appeals to them – no matter what kind of genre. Their inspiration? Disney songs, own material, the greatest jazz hits, pop songs, soul classics and so much more. Esther and Reindert create new arrangements based on this widely varied input.

Esther Van Hees – vocals
Reindert Kragt – electric bass