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With performances from Tobias Preisig (CH), NABOU (BE), Karen Willems (BE), Commander Spoon (BE), Johanna Summer (DE), Joanna Duda (PL), Susana Santos Silva Impermanence (PT), Coreto (PT) and the project ‘Piece By Piece’ (IE).

Each year at inJazz, several important European jazz festival and/or club promoters pick a remarkable jazz act from their country. A selection of ‘Europe inJazz’ showcases which are mixed with the Dutch inJazz acts during the two festival nights. Obviously, we had to abandon the idea of having acts coming to Rotterdam from all over Europe this year. We are happy to offer a number of artists online who have performed and created music during the covid-19-period!

Enjoy the pre-recorded performances on demand, together with the rest of the festival programme. The videos are only visible during the online inJazz event on 25 & 26 June. So, make sure to have a look before the festival ends on 26 June.

Tobias Preisig (CH)
Tobias Preisig, who combines virtuoso violin playing with the use of keyboards and electronics, was the first foreign artist we booked for inJazz, at the suggestion of Match & Fuse in Switzerland. His astonishing solo performance was exclusively recorded for inJazz’s online edition at Zürich jazz club Moods in May of this year.

Johanna Summer (DE)
XJAZZ has regularly proposed young and talented acts from Germany for inJazz’s European showcase programme. Pianist Johanna Summer performed with a free improvisation as part of Berlin’s XJAZZ Festival, which moved online last April.

NABOU & Karen Willems & Commander Spoon (BE)
If you have visited inJazz over the last couple of years, you may have seen trombone player Nabou Claerhout play as part of the Next Generation Jazz line-up in 2018. With her group N∆BOU she performed during the online Bel Jazz Fest, an impressive collaborative effort from the Belgium jazz scene, which took place at the end of May. Also from the Bel Jazz Fest is the captivating solo set from Karen Willems on drums, percussion and electronics. Both concerts were originally live streamed in excellent quality from Flagey in Brussels and proposed for inJazz by Leuven Jazz, with support of VI.BE. Commander Spoon is a four-headed band from Brussels who elegantly breaks down the barriers between jazz, hip hop, rock and future beats. After four impressive self-released EP’s, the quartet presented its thrilling debut album ‘Spooning’ in February of this year.

Susana Santos Silva – Impermanence & Coreto (PT)
The proposal from Portugal’s Porta-Jazz Festival reminds us of the fact that this year’s inJazz was supposed to feature performances from all across the Iberian Peninsula. We will revisit that idea next year, as promised, but in the meantime we have trumpet player and composer Susana Santos Silva with her group Impermanence, recorded at what was probably the last major jazz festival in the country before it went into total lockdown. From the same festival we have part of the concert of Coreto, the group led by João Pedro Brandão (alto saxophone and flute, compositions). The sounds of echoes, resonances, a short circuit and other interference find their way into the music for 12 musicians on Coreto’s album ‘Analog’.

Joanna Duda (PL)
Polish pianist, composer and producer Joanna Duda was meant to perform at inJazz 2020 with her explosive project SKIN. Alas, but she does takes part in this year’s conference and she delivers a gritty solo set of electronic improvisation that she recorded recently. Joanna was proposed by Katowice JazzArt, with support from the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

Piece By Piece (IE)
Ireland closes the Europe inJazz line-up with ‘Piece By Piece’, a project that brought together leading Irish improvisers. During the covid-19 lockdown, Improvised Music Company (home of 12 Points Festival) from Dublin and Triskel Arts Centre in Cork came together to host a weekly sequence of online solo performances called ‘Piece By Piece’, featuring newly-commissioned works. IMC director Kenneth Killeen edited the performances down to the video presented here as part of Europe inJazz.

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