Evita Polidoro NEROVIVO (IT)

27 June 2024 - 21:30 - 22:10   |  MOOD – Club room

NEROVIVO is the set of ideas that arise from the creativity of Evita Polidoro, an eclectic drummer and singer in a quest to find the right combination of silence and music. Together with guitarists Nocolò Faraglia and Davide Strangio, she creates a sound in which jazz and pop-rock influences are combined, creating a melancholy and dreamy atmosphere that invites the listener to reflect on their feelings.

Besides listening and experimentation, sincerity has been the basis of composing for Evita. The trio marks Polidoro’s first project as a bandleader. Their first, self-titled album is an emotional journey that explores themes such as fear, abandonment, relationships and memories. Polidoro’s writing is visceral and intense, which is reflected in the sonic exploration and the attention to detail the band places on their music. 

Evita Polidoro – drums, vocals, electronics, compositions
Davide Strangio – guitar, vocals
Nicolò Faraglia – guitar


This showcase is presented by Nuova Generazione Jazz.