Franz von Chossy Trio

25 June 2020 - 21:10 - 21:25   |  Room 3: Dutch inJazz - pre-recorded

Life in all its brightness and darkness. That’s the inspiration for pianist Franz von Chossy and his trio. A unique sound, merging classical and jazz. Süddeutsche Zeitung (newspaper) wrote: “Franz von Chossy is dancing on the edges of stylistic perfection.”

The trio was formed in 2005, when the musicians met at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. After winning the Dutch Jazz Competition in 2006 they have played a lot – this was until Franz his break from 2012 to 2015. In those years, he focused on working with his quintet. The last couple of years he is back again with this trio.

Their latest album ‘Life Theater’ is meant to be a soundtrack of life. Franz: “Each piece represents a certain life phase, a certain character you come across or a character trait you find within yourself.”

Franz von Chossy – piano
Clemens van der Feen – double bass
Kristijan Krajncan – drums