Jacopo Ferrazza Wood Tales (IT)

27 June 2024 - 20:10 - 20:50   |  MOOD – Club room

Wood Tales is the name of the new double bass solo album by Jacopo Ferrazza. It was entirely recorded during the second wave of the pandemic. The project embodies sonic freedom and a unique blend of rhythm, harmony, and melody, enhanced by the interplay of voice and bow. This intimate dialogue is unfiltered, driven by intuition rather than calculation, exploring the instrument.

The album consists of twelve tracks, seven original compositions and five arrangements, including songs and jazz standards. On the album the instrument is laid completely bare, giving new ranges of colours and nuances. Wood Tales responds to a call, to a need for authenticity. It is in this new personal and artistic experience that Jacopo Ferrazza’s musical journey marks a new milestone from which it is impossible to turn back.

Jacopo Ferrazza – double bass, vocals, compositions


This showcase is presented by Nuova Generazione Jazz.