Juanfer Marrero Group

3 November 2021 - 20:20 - 20:40   |  inJazz showcase sessions 2021

From the south of Spain to the streets of Rotterdam, Juanfer Marrero Group are mixing postrock with impro and basically anything that comes in their path.

Growing up in southern Spain you might assume one would be strongly bound to flamenco and folk music. But the truth is that guitar player Juanfer Marrero grew up listening to his father’s record collection, which involved a lot of music from the ’70s. Being fascinated about psychedelia and soundscapes is something that hooked him since his childhood and, while becoming a musician, translated into a pursuit of experimentation. Juanfer is stretching the limits of what a guitar should sound like, while playing with the concept of structure and tempo of mainstream music.

The foundation of Juan’s group lies at Codarts, the Rotterdam conservatoire of music and dance and circus performance. Nowadays, the trio expand on the musical stylings of album Octogirl of 2019, which provided a fresh take on instrumental music with a nod to retro games and progressive music, all fueled with distortion and effects pedals.

For the online inJazz events in June and November, the complete 2021 inJazz selection will record a showcase in one of these fine venues: BIMHUIS, TivoliVredenburg, LantarenVenster, Paradox. Networking activities and artist promotion: inJazz in cooperation with Dutch Performing Arts.

Juanfer Marrero – guitar
Mehrad Hezarkhani – bass
Martin Hafizi – drums