23 June 2022 - 19:10 - 19:50   |  Conny Janssen Danst - Studio 1

For those who follow what’s going on in jazz made in the Netherlands, this band has some familiar faces. Pietre (‘stones’ in Italian) is the brainchild of bassist Alessandro Fongaro, a quartet he brought together during the second lockdown, in 2021. He describes the music he wrote as “a sort of personal diary, in which I collected all that I went through in that period: love, heartbreaks, friendships and so on.”

About his band mates: “In the past years I’ve spent so much time on and off stage with Sun Mi and Nicolò that I can basically call them family. Meanwhile, Jesse is a musician that I’ve got to know better only during the pandemic. We started off playing in a duo and right away I fell in love with his sensibility, energy and dedication. When the idea of Pietre started forming in my head and I was trying to imagine how I wanted the band to sound, these were the three musicians that I heard playing my music.”

Nicolò Ricci  |  tenor saxophone
Jesse Schilderink  |  baritone, tenor saxophone
Alessandro Fongaro  |  double bass
Sun-Mi Hong  |  drums