Ziv Taubenfeld Full Sun

22 June 2022 - 20:30 - 21:10   |  BIMHUIS

Full Sun has its roots in Amsterdam’s creative music community. The ensemble came to be in 2018, following a “jazz workshop” method where a growing pool of musicians emerged themselves in the sound-vision of Taubenfeld’s compositions. The project performed in different line-ups from quintet to septet in venues and festivals in the Netherlands (BIMHUIS, Paradox, PlusEtage, et cetera) and abroad (Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium).

Full Sun strives to create a warm and creative atmosphere during their performances by using graphic scores, mantra-like melodies, conduction and slowly-unfolding grooves. Or, as Ziv puts it: “The compositions and improvisations guide the ensemble through mystique paths and encourage the individuals to self-exploration within a group context – JAZZ!”

Improvisation will always be Ziv’s main inspiration. Ziv’s love for jazz artists such as Sonny Simmons and Don Cherry brings several dedications to his repertoire. “These artists have a unique way of transmitting jazz and swing in particular. My main concerns are keeping their spirit, and sometimes articulations, alive.” On a compositional level he got inspired by the Natufian culture. “It is a culture that existed in the middle east twelve thousand years ago. I believe that by researching such ancient cultures we are able to understand essential elements about our personality.”

Ziv Taubenfeld  |  bass clarinet, balafon, gongs
Joost Buis  |  trombone
Nicolas Chientaroli  |  piano
Omer Govreen  |  double bass
Rozemarie Heggen  |  double bass
Onno Govaert  |  drums, percussion