Behind the scenes of ‘WHY DIY’ with Noam Vazana

3 July 2019

Every year, a number of students work behind the scenes to make inJazz a success. This year inJazz collaborated with Hogeschool Utrecht and in particular with one of their Journalism students: Wen Xin van der Linden. One of her assignments in her first year is to make two audioslides for inJazz.

In the first audioslide, Celia Swart from the modern jazz group SWART. was featured. For her second audioslide, Wen Xin followed Noam Vazana during inJazz in Rotterdam, a self-managed artist who has toured throughout Europe and the United States. Together with Steve Mead from the Manchester Jazz Festival, she hosted the well-received panel ‘Why DIY – breaking into the international market’. What does it mean to manage yourself as an artist? How can you effectively market yourself to audiences and programmers in and outside your own country? How does self-management impact on a programmer’s perspective? In this audioslide Noam tells more about the interactive and fun session they hosted at inJazz. Tips and tricks which you can put to good use in your daily work!