Better Live: Creating Sustainable Music Circulation in Europe

Better Live is a collaborative project funded by Creative Europe and initiated by European organizers in the jazz and improvised music scene, with a mission to promote a fair, green, and inclusive transformation within the live music sector while facilitating the international circulation of artists. Tami Toledo Matuoka, Project Manager Better Live at Bimhuis, will present an introduction to this ambitious yet grassroots project.

Over the next four years, Better Live, supported by 11 partners and over 100 organizers from across Europe, aims to experiment with new models of live music by organizing more small-scale events and fostering communication and collaboration among cultural institutions involved in the project.

To achieve these goals, Better Live recognizes the need for new structures, increased awareness, enhanced competencies, and the implementation of an incentive program. The project will establish 9 Local Action Groups spread throughout Europe, each comprising a network of at least 10 cultural institutions/organizations. Through research programs, training initiatives, and community-building platforms, Better Live will provide knowledge, skills, and financial support to enable the effective circulation of artists within Europe. Ultimately, Better Live strives to achieve a fair, cohesive, and grassroots decarbonization of the live music sector in Europe.

Better Live is founded by Bimhuis (NL), Wytwornia Foundation (PL) and Périscope (FR), and supported by esteemed partners such as jazzahead! (DE), Improvised Music Company (IE), Oslo Nasjonal JazzScene (NO), Zavod Sploh (SI), G Live Tampere (FI), European Music Exporters Exchange (BE), The Cluster (GR), and Plataforma Jazz España (ES).

Tami Toledo Matuoka (Project Manager Better Live at Bimhuis)

Friday 23 June | 12:50 – 13:30 | LantarenVenster – room two