Europe Jazz Network presents Creative Connections

Francesco Martinelli and Marcus O’Dair will discuss Creative Connections at the start of the conference at Batavierhuis. Two short essays from these eminent researchers and writers were commissioned by the Europe Jazz Network under the framework of the activity ‘Raising the profile of jazz and creative music within the music sector’.

The objective of the commissions was to research and illustrate the, often underrated, influence that jazz and creative music have on other forms of contemporary popular music such as rock, pop, hip-hop and electronic music. The jazz community is constantly producing new ideas, projects and artists, with much of the experimentation within the genre nourishing, not only other genres, but feeding the music industry as a whole. Many jazz artists regularly collaborate with pop singers and rock bands, hip hop artists and electronic music producers. They also write music for film and television and for the classical concert platform. Jazz musicians influence the development of many different musical genres with their skills and creativity, with key innovations in playing styles and the creative use of the recording studio emanating from the jazz community.

With these articles, Europe Jazz Network aims to prove that the music ecosystem, and all its creativity, cannot be easily divided into genres. The rich experimentation that takes place within our musical community influences and enriches the whole music spectrum, from peripheral to more commercial music. It is therefore important to continue to cultivate and support all areas of the musical ecosystem, whether fringe or mainstream, and to recognise all the complex ramifications of these practices.

Francesco Martinelli, writer
Marcus O’Dair, writer

Europe Jazz Network (EJN) is a nonprofit Europe-wide association of producers, presenters and supporting organisations who specialise in creative music, contemporary jazz and improvised music created from a distinctly European perspective.

Thursday 22 June | 12:50 – 13:40 | Batavierhuis – Theater room