Frank Bolder & Frank van Berkel about the crisis in club land

Your most pressing questions answered!

They may be the most sought-after representatives of the Dutch jazz business. Frank Bolder is the programmer and managing director at LantarenVenster in Rotterdam and programmer for the city’s NN North Sea Jazz Festival. Frank van Berkel is Head of Programming at BIMHUIS in Amsterdam. Both have an extensive knowledge of jazz, jazz history and the business that is built around the music. There have been moments where one Frank was mistaken for the other, but that’s another story.

Interviewed by radio journalist Mijke van Wijk, Frank and Frank will talk about their views on jazz programming before and after the covid-19-crisis, the position of the Netherlands in the international jazz network and about the latest developments in their respective venues.

Frank Bolder, Programmer/promoter, LantarenVenster (NL)
Frank van Berkel, Head of Programming, BIMHUIS (NL)

Mijke van Wijk, radio journalist (NL)

Frank Bolder (born 1965) is one of the Program Managers for the North Sea Jazz Festival Rotterdam, since 2006. He is the Music Program Manager for LantarenVenster Rotterdam since 2009. A drummer since the age of 12, Frank always did booking/bookkeeping of the bands he played in. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in arts management from HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht, he worked for 10 years as the director of the Liberty Day Music Festival in Utrecht and for 5 years as agent, tour manager and musician at Crossroads Blues Agency. Frank was the co-founder of Black & Tan Records and Frank Bolder Music Management / Bolder Music Agency. He is generally doing too much and having too many jobs at the same time.

Frank van Berkel (born 1963) is working as program director at the BIMHUIS Amsterdam, The Netherlands, since January 2018. Frank also works as a freelance programmer for festival North Sea Round Town in Rotterdam. Before that, Frank worked as a freelance music program manager in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Frank worked for Concertgebouw De Doelen, Jazz International Rotterdam, LantarenVenster and LUX in Nijmegen. He managed the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, an original collective of next generation Dutch jazz musicians and sat on the advisory committee for music of the Dutch Performing Arts Fund for six years. Frank studied double bass and bass guitar at the Rotterdam Conservatory (nowadays Codarts) and obtained a master-degree on music programming at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem.

Mijke van Wijk is a journalist and presenter. For years she presented the program Mijkes Middag on Radio 6 Soul&Jazz. She is currently working at the KRO-NCRV’s research program De Monitor and doing research for a new podcast series. She is also a stage presenter at jazz festivals throughout the country.

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photo: inJazz 2019, by Melanie van Zweeden