Green Pilot Tour: Guy Salamon Group in Catalonia

7 February 2023

Starting on March 16, the Amsterdam-based Guy Salamon Group will play five shows in Catalonia. A modest tour, but one with a serious guiding principle: make it as sustainable as possible. Boosters of this Green Pilot Tour are Europe Jazz Network (EJN) and two of its members: inJazz, Buma-sponsored promoter of Dutch jazz and its surroundings, and music school Taller de Músics in Barcelona.

In 2023, Europe Jazz Network (EJN) launched the Green Pilot Tours as a project co-funded by the European Union under the Creative Europe programme 2022-2024. A Green Pilot Tour is a tour of an artistic project or a band reaching at least four different venues or festivals and involving at least two EJN members. It should focus on innovative touring models based on the principles of sustainable touring and fair and balanced practices in the music sector. This may sound positive and logical, but where to start? The Guy Salamon Group, inJazz and Taller de Músics stepped up to the opportunity, well aware that sustainability is touching all processes in a tour: performances, operations, finance, communication.

For the website of inJazz Guy Salamon reflected on this tour, its consequences and benefits.
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