Guide for the online conference self-seating system

31 May 2020

First of all, click here to see our self-seating system and register for free. Each session displays its panelists. Some sessions contain one host, others have multiple co-hosts. To see all panelists click ‘view session’. On the left side you can find a session description including a list of who’s speaking. Below are some tips to find your way in our system. Do yuou have other questions? Feel free to contact us through See you at one of our sessions!

How can I claim my seat?
Choose a session of your interest and click ‘view session’. At the top left you’ll find another button that allows you to join the session. There you go, you’re all set! A few minutes later you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail that confirms your registration including the link to the online panel room. 

Matchmaking sessions – please select your favourites
Select one of the Matchmaking tabs and see who’s available at the different time slots. You can request 3 meetings in total. Therefore we ask you to only select your favourites. Based on these motivation messages and interests of our professionals, we will create all of the matches. Make sure to do this before 10 June! We are aiming to match everyone with at least 1 favourite professional. Unfortunately we can’t promise this, but please know that we’re working hard on creating the best matchmaking sessions. We thank you for your understanding.

Don’t forget to connect
Choose ‘attendee list’ on the top right and connect with one of your fellow online attendees. You even have the possibility to reach out to one of our speakers.

I changed my mind or can’t attend the sessions anymore
No problem, when you’re at the sessions overview you’ll see your own profile at the left side. Click ‘my session’ to see all the sessions you registered for (or the meetings that your requested) and click ‘cancel’.

Photo: inJazz 2019, by Maarten van Haaff