How to present yourself online and book more gigs!

The covid-19-crisis has affected musicians tremendously. At the moment it is still unsure when live music will be an option again. That doesn’t mean musicians are forced to stand still. In this workshop, Maaike van Steenis and Jan Flubacher, will focus on your online presentation as a musician. How can you present yourself digitally to bookers and programmers? What kind of information do they want? How do you get them interested? How do you make sure you stand out?

Maaike and Jan will provide plenty of insights and tips for a strong online presentation. This will help musicians to make sure bookers and programmers will remember them, even when they have no possibilities to see them live. A distinctive online presentation can tempt programmers to book an act in the future. It’s something you can work on during the lockdown.

Maaike van Steenis, artist coach (NL)
Jan Flubacher, artist, music teacher, ArtEZ (DE/NL)

Maaike van Steenis is one of the Netherlands’s best-known marketing and entrepreneurship coaches for musicians. She is also teaching at the conservatories of Codarts (Rotterdam) and ArtEz (Arnhem). She has given lectures and workshops at numerous events and festivals (like inJazz and BUMA Classical in the Netherlands and the Cyprus Jazz and World Music Showcase in Limassol). She recently published her book ‘Tussen Kunst en Cash’ on entrepreneurship for creatives.

Jan Flubacher is an experienced jazz musician who has been working in the jazz scene for over 20 years. He founded his own agency and he has been working as a band coach at the ArtEZ conservatoire for many years.

The online inJazz conference is English spoken.

This session takes place online via the platform NetworkTables. Please note that seats are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Save your seat now.

photo: inJazz 2019, by Melanie van Zweeden