Meet Jazz FM and jazzed, with Ruth Fisher and Chris Philips

24 June, 17:00 – 17:50

In case you are not familiar with the worldwide reach and workings of today’s jazz radio and its offshoots, and those of Jazz FM and jazzed in particular, make sure to join this session!

Jazz FM is the UK’s largest jazz media celebrating the best in jazz, soul and blues across the UK and the world. The station features eclectic new music alongside well-known pieces by the legends of jazz. Ruth Fisher is the presenter of Jazz FM shows Full Circle and The Performance Series. She has selected from inJazz showcase performances before and will do so this year too, beginning with a preview on Saturday June 19th.

Chris Philips was a guest in our panel on Jazz in Great-Britain during inJazz in 2016. Then Jazz FM’s Head of Music, he later took up the role of Head Of Content at jazzed, the world’s first interactive listen, watch and read app dedicated to jazz and related music.