Meet our presenters

17 June 2022

We are happy to announce that we have some great people who will announce the acts performing at inJazz this year! On our opening night at Bimhuis your MC will be Guy Salamon, who barely needs an introduction, we think. Suffice to say that he knows inJazz quite well, that he has a new album out with his Group, and that he will be performing during the Jazzschip tour of North Sea Round Town on Saturday June 25th.

On Thursday in Rotterdam we have two intrepid presenters for you. Announcing the bands at Conny Janssen Danst Studio 1 and 2 is Maite Hontelé, who has an impressive track record as a trumpet player in latin jazz, and who is making name as the artistic director of Nijmegen’s Music Meeting Festival. Next door(s) at Kantine Walhalla and Theater Walhalla you will find the illustrous Hans Mantel as your MC. A jazz bassist, a valued teacher at Codarts and various other conservatoires, and a jazz radio and tv presenter with almost thirty years of experience under his belt. The sets of Eleutheria + guests in Kantine Walhalla downstairs will be introduced by Linda Bloemhard, education manager at Codarts university of the arts, Rotterdam.