Music Rights on Tour, featuring Susanne Alt

The music rights organisations Buma/Stemra, NORMA and Sena have been on the road together for a number of years now under the name Music Rights on Tour.
What are the differences or similarities between these organizations? From which organisation do you receive compensation for music on TV or radio? And what else do you receive money for? And: what should you do to make sure you don’t miss out on any money?

Instead of the standard panel, Music Right on Tour organises a special flip-over session at Injazz. At the start of the panel, we will ask the visitors in the audience what they would like to know and learn during this session. The panelists will answer your questions once and for all, based on their experiences.

Besides Esther from Buma/Stemra and Silvia from Sena, we will hear from our special guest Susanne Alt. Susanne is not only a DJ and saxophone player, she also has her own label, produces and has her monthly guest mix on radio Freak31. With many collaborations to her name (a.o. with Fred Wesley, DJ Spinna, Opolopo, Johan S, Hardsoul, DJ Maestro, Wicked Jazz Sounds), we are happy to welcome her and hear about her experiences with music rights.

Susanne Alt (composer, artist, NL)
Susanne Alt is a saxophone player, dj and producer, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has been leading her own jazz band and playing alongside dj’s since 1999. As a saxophone player deeply rooted in jazz, funk and soul, Alt is embracing the multiple musical possibilities of a dj/producer, stretching out into electronic music, especially everything that’s soulful, funky and deep.

Silvia Biemans (accountmanager relationship management, Sena, NL)
Sena manages the rights of artists and producers. These rightsholders receive payment when their music is played in public, thanks to the music-licenses that companies and organizations buy from Sena.
Silvia has been working as an Accountmanager Relationship Management at Sena since 2017. Within this position, Silvia is responsible for maintaining contact with key accounts and rightholders. She also travels through the Netherlands (online & physically) to clear up questions about Sena from and for (future?) rightsholders. You can find Silvia at mostly all national events, but also smaller events and giving masterclasses at schools & universities. Do you have a question about neighboring rights at home or abroad? Do not hesitate to contact Silvia!

Esther Maijer (manager customer care, Buma/Stemra, NL)
Buma/Stemra licenses and collects the copyrights of over 30,000 composers, lyricists and music publishers. For music that can be listened to on radio, TV, at events, online music services, in the hospitality industry and much more, they receive a fee for the use of their work.
Esther’s career has been set within the music industry from the beginning. As a Customer Care manager, she is responsible for contacts with rights holders and for service provision. Do you have questions about how you as a composer, lyricist or music publisher can find your way within copyright? Esther is happy to answer them.

Martijn Crama (artist manager and consultant, NL)
Crama runs a management agency and represents TAPE TOY. Alongside working as an artist manager, Crama is a consultant in the music industry advising both artists and music organizations about their career plan. In 2018 Martijn released his first book for ambitious and debuting musicians called ‘Basisbagage’ and started a YouTube learning channel during Corona in 2020. A management curriculum for music conservatory students of the ArtEZ Popacademy was designed by Martijn.