Performing Arts Fund NL: international funding and promotion

The Performing Arts Fund NL is the most important culture fund for music, music theatre, dance and theatre in the Netherlands. The fund provides support on behalf of the government to all forms of the professional performing arts. Artists and groups from the Netherlands can apply for a touring grant at the Performing Arts Fund. Interesting for international venues and festivals is the grant for Dutch presentations abroad.

The fund also organises international promotional activities trough the platform called Dutch Performing Arts. This platform consists of international delegates programmes together with Dutch festivals, Dutch focus programmes at international festivals and venues and representation at key events like jazzahead!. From 2017-2019 on, Dutch Performing Arts and Jazz Promotion Network organised the promotional programme ‘Going Dutch’ to present Dutch jazz music in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Jan Sprengers (international subsidy) and Susanne Moed (international promotion) will give an overview of the grants and international promotional activities. Great examples of projects will be shown!

Susanne Moed, Programme Manager, Dutch Performing Arts (NL)
Jan Sprengers, Secretary of programming and internationalisation, Dutch Performing Arts (NL)

The online inJazz conference is English spoken.

This session takes place online via the platform NetworkTables. Please note that seats are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Save your seat now.

photo: inJazz 2019, by Melanie van Zweeden