Ronald Snijders winner of Boy Edgar Prize 2022

24 June 2022

The jury of the Boy Edgar Prize 2022 unanimously declared Ronald Snijders the winner of the prize. The flutist, composer and ethnomusicologist has been regarded as an innovator in the jazz field for more than 50 years. The jury therefore describes him as “advocate for imagination and ambassador for relentless curiosity”. On December 7, Snijders will receive the prize.

Snijders’ career is characterized by versatility. By mixing the Surinamese music styles kaseko and kawina with jazz, funk and soul, he brings his own sound world to life. As an improviser and standard-bearer for kaseko music, he also left his mark on the development of jazz and improvised music in the Netherlands.

Sharing knowledge and inspiration is central to Snijders’ work: for decades he has been known as a key figure connecting generations, cultures, listeners and players:

“From a strong love for his roots, starting with his father’s musical legacy, Snijders has a great curiosity for new developments. The connection with the younger musicians is essential for him. (…) He is a generous musician who ensures that other musicians can also shine.” – Jury of the Boy Edgar Prize 2022

Announcement and award ceremony
Snijders’ win was officially announced during inJazz on 23 June. The prize will be festively awarded on 7 December in the BIMHUIS in Amsterdam. In addition, Snijders is awarded the Boy Edgar Prize, the prize money of € 25,000 and the bronze exchange sculpture ‘John Coltrane’ by Jan Wolkers.