World Blend Café at inJazz by World Music Forum NL

Friday 24 June- Grounds, Rotterdam 16.00

A musical meeting speckled with speakers & spectacle to illuminate Rotterdam’s global roots and present scene. The unique opportunity to mingle with bookers and programmers from all over Europe.

In sea port Rotterdam old roots crossover into new musical routes. With its multinational population this creative city offers a fertile environment for musical innovation. Reflected in clubs, festivals and the internationally renowned conservatory Codarts specialised in flamenco, latin, morna and Indian music.
Moreover Rotterdam is known as ‘the 10th island of Cape Verde’. The very first recording label of both Bonga and Cesaria Evora, Morabeza Records started in Rotterdam as the vinyl vignette of a lively Cape Verdean community.

Panel speakers:

  • Bas Pauw (program manager, Performing Arts Fund NL)
  • Carlos Gonçalves (chair Rotterdam Arts Council, director Morabeza Records)
  • Rob Broek (head master of music, Codarts)
  • Wessel Coppes (head of Jazz, Pop & World, Codarts)
  • Michalis Cholevas & Ishtar Bakhtali (teacher and musician, Codarts music research)


  • Maite Hontelé, Stan Rijven

Ishtar Quartet
Vocalist who incorporates Indian classical music elements, jazz, electronics, and Latin influences into her narrative compositions.
Ishtar Bakhtali | vocals / compositions
Filippos Glinavos | guitar
Ildo Nandja | bass
Martin Hafizi | drums

Flamencos por el Mundo Quartet
Offers a mix of flamenco and jazz.
Anoush Saadat | flamenco guitar
Vicente Santiago | flamenco guitar
Lucie Lelaurain | flute
Javier Infestas | percussion

About World Blend Café
For over a decade, World Music Forum NL fuels inJazz with its World Blend Café sessions. Since 2006 a brand name for face-to-face-book events for music professionals with a brimful blend of panels, performances & pitches.
At inJazz we gather in hotspot Grounds where fertile fusions between jazz, pop & world take root.

Photo Ishtar Quartet by Sean Hitchens