Showcase your repertoire!

9 December 2019

At inJazz 2020, Dutch musicians and singers will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents to many important, international music professionals and a widely varied audience. A great way to kickstart your career! This is your chance to follow into the footsteps of talented and successful musicians.

The deadline (23 February) for application for inJazz 2020 has expired.

About the audience
Please apply to be considered for giving an official performance at inJazz 2020 in Rotterdam (NL), an initiative of Buma. The festival programme of inJazz offers Dutch musicians and singers the chance to showcase their talents to an international network of professionals in the music industry consisting of programmers, producers from record labels, managers, bookers, journalists and other important jazz music professionals.

About the fee
If you are invited to showcase your talent at inJazz 2020, Buma will pay €250 per musician with a maximum of € 1,250 per band. Please note: at least one musician/ singer of the band must live and work in The Netherlands.

About the committee, recordings and broadcasting
The showcases programme should mainly consist of original repertoire by members of Buma. A professional committee will select a number of Dutch performances from the entries. All applicants will be informed by 1 April 2020. If you are selected to showcase your talent, we will arrange for a professional recording of your performance (including rights), which you will receive after inJazz. Many tracks will be broadcasted on national and international radio stations.

The deadline for applications is 23 February 2020.