The injazz team’s festival tips

25 June 2020

Our team has worked many hours to organize the first ever online edition of inJazz. But, who are their favourite festival artists? What are they looking forward to when they’re not working behind the scenes? Let our team guide you through the online festival programme. And enjoy the music yourself on 25 and 26 June.

A tricky question
“My favourite showcase?” Ikaros: “That’s a tricky question, because the festival still has to kick off. I’m especially interested in the artists who are relatively new to me.” Marnix adds: “It’s a pity we can’t enjoy the showcases offline. However, by organizing the festival online, we now have the possibility to actually see all of the showcases!”

“There’s something for everyone
Both Romy and Mark mention it is great to have such an impressive line-up. Romy: “I think it’s amazing how my colleagues from the festival department and jury every year manage to choose a wide spectrum of different jazz sounds out of hundreds of submissions. We can only showcase so many and still there’s something for everyone. Whether you are a huge jazz lover or not, you are going to have a great time! This year I’m checking out JOHN FROST (photo) and SMANDEM.”

Colleague Mark adds: “I am going to check out every one of them. I like the energetic approach of Bonsai Panda and Redbourg Group, but I am also very keen to enjoy the more introverted side of Jan Geijtenbeek and his trio and the vocals of Marta Arpini (photo) with Forest Light (with Eduardo Cardinho on vibes, yes!).”

Europe inJazz
Marcel refers to the newly added Europe inJazz showcases: “I was really happy with the choice of inviting Tobias Preisig. I’ve been following him for years. The dark atmosphere of his violin combined with electronic effects are beautiful. As I may compare him to a pop artist I would say that he is the Nick Cave of the instrumental jazz!”

Delightfully melancholic
Kim has had Canvas (photo) on repeat for weeks. “I love how their music is both dark and colourful, both intimate and extrovert. I’m also looking forward to the enchanting voice of Marta Arpini. Her ‘Forest Light’ is delightfully melancholic. Maripepa Contreras, one of the very few jazz oboe players in the world, is definitely marked on my personal timetable as well.”

Jazz, blues and punk
Patrick: “When you listen to our inJazz 2020 Spotify playlist, as I did in the past couple of weeks, you soon realise this year’s line-up is widely diverse. Personally, I’m looking forward to Jan Geijtenbeek Trio – very atmospherical and visual. Bonsai Panda (photo) from Rotterdam is also one of my favourites. An eclectic mix of jazz, blues and a hint of punk. Definitely the right music to end the night with! Did you read their ‘5 year plan’ on our website? Worth the read!”

Photo inJazz 2019 Festival by Melanie van Zweeden.