This was Dutch injazz at jazzahead digital 2021

5 May 2021

Life is what you make it, a wise man once sang. So even if we miss the live interaction more than ever, we decided to ‘do’ jazzahead! digital 2021 as good as we could. And we had a good time!

Of course Dutch inJazz was priviliged with no less than four showcase performances. Sun-Mi Hong Quintet, Guy Salamon Group, Rembrandt Frerichs Trio and KAMA Kollektiv managed to captivate the viewers, helped in part by great camera work and audio mixes courtesy of Radio Bremen. Kind words about the jazz scene in the Netherlands and even about inJazz were said by the programme’s host Götz Bühler and even by jazzahead! artistic director Peter Schulze. We are not worthy!

On Saturday 1 May we were pleased to present Jazz Club The Netherlands, a video we shot at BIMHUIS in Amsterdam to further introduce the four acts and to discuss a couple of current themes we had on our minds. Check out the video below and catch up on what Sun-Mi, Rembrandt, Guy and Kirsi had to say!