Towards a free flow

Building the jazz community with artists, platforms and audiences

For two long years, artists, festivals and networking events (like inJazz) substituted live gatherings by online presence, proving that they fall short of the experience of an actual concert. As a Danish guitarist living in the Netherlands, Teis Semey posed a question in his 2022 New Year’s Letter: what does the increased importance of performances on online platforms due to covid lockdowns reveal about the relationship between artist and community, artist and venue, and between venue and community? Riffing on this theme, Teis will lead a talk at inJazz that concerns the audience as much as it does the panel speakers. What is stopping the free creative flow from artist to platform to audience? Why are there empty venues at the same time as there are artists with ideas? And how can we create structures that unleash more of our creative potential and bring this to more people?

Teis Semey is a Danish musician in Amsterdam. Dubbed “rising star” by Dutch daily NRC, Semey is becoming a staple in the Dutch and international scene. His music exists in the cross-section between jazz, punk and electronic improvised music. He is active with the Teis Semey Quintet and Raw Fish, and plays in the groups of Tijn Wybenga and Guy Salamon. Teis is the Artist in Focus for North Sea Round Town 2022, selected jazzahead! showcase artist 2022 and a Footprints Touring Artist. He has released three albums under his name as well as a fundraising album for feminist struggle in Mexico, and continues to push the envelope where he can.

Ade Monterreal is a master’s student in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship at the EUR. With previous experience in the jazz field as both vocalist and organizer in her home country, Spain, she decided to start developing her professional career in the Netherlands. Currently working as a production intern in BIRD Rotterdam, her main focus of study during her master’s degree has been the live music industry. Especially jazz, which is the main topic of her Final Thesis research: the role of informal networks in jazz programming in The Netherlands.

Maria Rylander is a coordinator for the network Knutpunkt, consisting of 21 organizers and venues in the southwest part of Sweden. She started her career in music as a jazz vocalist and has studied jazz music at the University of Gothenburg and the CNSMD in Paris. In 2013 she founded Gamlestaden International Jazz Festival (GMLSTN Jazz) and between 2015-2019 she worked as Head of Marketing at Nefertiti Jazz Club. Knutpunkt strives to build sustainable touring structures that aim to strengthen organizers and provide more work opportunities for musicians. Among Knutpunkt’s incentives are the epanding of participation and increasing of accessibility for audiences by digital concerts that take place within the organizer’s concerts programs, and the collaboration with local, national, and international organizations in various fields to increase regional relevance and find new opportunities for exchanges.

Koen Graat is one of the Netherlands’ go-to programmers for jazz, world and pop. He is currently working for festivals November Music and Jazz in Duketown, for cultural hub Verkadefabriek (all in Den Bosch) and for jazz and pop venue Paradox in Tilburg. Koen is teaching Jazz History & Research at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Tilburg, and he is still active as a journalist as well. In Dutch jazz glossy Jazzism he is known for his background stories on a variety of artists and developments.

Photo Teis Semey Quintet at inJazz 2021