Why is mapping Dutch jazz around the world a good idea?

Thursday 27 June | 16:10 – 17:00 | LantarenVenster – Room five

DutchCulture is the network and knowledge organisation for international cultural cooperation, supporting the Dutch cultural and creative sector, including jazz artists and composers, in pursuit of their international ambitions. This presentation will introduce the DutchCulture Database, an open-source database that tracks international activities by Dutch artists of all disciplines. Database and website officer Erin Chang helps to track the scale and scope of the Netherlands’ cultural impact around the world. She will, together with the head of communication and marketing Jeroen van Waardenberg, dive into the trends and movements of Dutch Jazz artists around the globe, including key international cities, festivals, and venues. Additionally, they will talk about how artists can use the database to help plan their own travels and how to add their information to help expand the database for themselves and other artists.

Erin Chang, DutchCulture Database and Website Officer, DutchCulture, NL
Jeroen van Waardenberg, Head of Communications & Development, DutchCulture, NL

This panel is presented by DutchCulture.