Why jazz artists should consider scoring for film: two case studies

Thursday 27 June | 13:30 – 14:20 | LantarenVenster – Room six

Every day you hear songs and original composed music in commercials, games, films, and series. Whether the merging of image and sound is ‘syncing’ or ‘scoring’, it is seen as an increasingly important source of revenue and can be used as a way to reach a broader audience. It has even been described as ‘the biggest promotion you can have’ as a composer. But how does it work? In this panel former Composer Laureate of the Netherlands Martin Fondse, together with director Barbara Makkinga, will talk about writing original music for the documentary ‘Vogels Kun Je Niet Melken’, for which Martin won a Music In Media Award this year. Also speaking is inJazz 2024-performer Giuseppe Doronzo, who won a Music In Media Award for his music in the short film GOYA in 2022. What possibilities do they see and what are their their experiences with writing music for video and film?

Martin Fondse, composer, artist, former Composer Laureate of the Netherlands, NL
Barbara Makkinga, director, NL
Giuseppe Doronzo, composer, artist, NL
Remco Jak, music producer, NL
Thijs Havens, film programmer Eye film museum, NL

Laura Bell, music supervisor, Bell Music Supervision, NL

This panel is presented by Buma Music in Motion.

Photo: Still from the documentary Vogels Kun Je Niet Melken