Showcase your music!

Are you ready to show what you got? When you are a jazz musician working from the Netherlands, with your compositions registered at Buma/Stemra, then you can apply for a performance during inJazz 2023. A professional selection committee will judge all entries.

The inJazz festival program will again be free for all to visit, marking the start of North Sea Round Town 2023. The best kick-off for a Dutch jazz summer imaginable, and maybe the next step in your career as well! Make sure to read all about the requirements before applying.
Deadline for application is 1 March 2023, 23:59h.

About the audience
Please apply to be considered for an official performance at the 2023 edition of inJazz. The showcases setlists should mainly consist of original repertoire by members of Buma.
The festival programme of inJazz offers Dutch musicians the chance to showcase their talents to an international network of professionals in the music industry, consisting of programmers, record label and streaming platform executives, managers, bookers, journalists, and others.

About the fee
If you are invited to perform at inJazz 2023, Buma will pay €290 per musician with a maximum of € 1,450 per band. Please note: main composer(s) of the band or project must live and work in the Netherlands and be a member of Buma/Stemra.

About the committee, recordings, promotion, and distribution
A professional committee, which is to remain anonymous until the announcement of the selection, will select several bands (or solo artists, if applicable) from the entries. All applicants will be informed before April 1, 2023. In case you are selected to play at inJazz 2023, we will arrange for a professional recording of your performance (including rights) at some point during the year. The recording will be used for your promotion and will eventually be handed to you free of charge. InJazz plays an active role in the promotion and marketing of your music. The inJazz recordings will find their way to radio stations in and outside of the Netherlands, to streaming platforms and record labels, and to inJazz’s international network of music professionals.

The deadline has expired. Application is no longer possible.

Photo: Suzan Veneman Sextet at inJazz 2022 by Eric van Nieuwland