Sun-Mi Hong Quintet

Dutch.injazz at jazzahead!
Friday 28 april, 20:30, Sendesaal, Bremen

Amsterdam-based Sun-Mi Hong Quintet is featured during the jazzahead! Clubnight on Friday 28 April. The concert is part of the program hosted by renowned British label Edition Records at Sendesaal, a room-in-room design dating back to 1952.
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jazzahead! Clubnight concerts require separate tickets!)

Sun-Mi Hong Quintet at Dutch.inJazz @ jazzahead!

Lots of things have happened since you played at jazzahead! online in 2021 with your Quintet. Now you are in Bremen again, as part of the Edition Records label night at beautiful Sendesaal. If you zoom out, what is the most important development in your career of the last two years? 

“Probably that my band was getting recognized internationally, which also means there are more people listening and following the music. And reaching out to very important stages such as North Sea Jazz Festival, Oslo Jazz Festival, Jazz Fest Berlin, that was a roller coaster ride, really exciting. There is definitely a good energy and so many beautiful people who support me in many ways.  We look for something similar to put my music out there so I can grow more into the international music scene. Then, besides the quintet, I have started to play with some amazing musicians such as Kit Downes, Petter Eldh, Kirke Karja, Alex Hitchcock, Ant Law, and Jasper Høiby. Adding up all these different experiences to the joy of living in Amsterdam with my dear friends makes me realise I am a lucky person.”

“I really enjoy doing something different as well.”


Talking of experiences: you seem to be able to combine playing in a growing number of bands and projects. What is the secret to keeping up with that? And how often do you say no?

“Haha, It’s very hard to say no. If I had more time I would have taken on more, for I love to play and learn about people and music. The more you play in different groups, the more you are able to understand and analyse how to melt your colours into them.”

“I really enjoy doing something different as well. Apart from being busy as a band leader and as a side-woman, I’ve led different projects such as the Dance in Four Colours sextet, which started at North Sea Round Town in Rotterdam, combining dancers from five different backgrounds with original music that is written by myself and by Philipp Rüttgers. Or more recently, the project IJ-Salon at the Amsterdam Muziekgebouw, combining jazz with classical musicians from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra for 90 minutes of written music. And then I’m co-leading a trio with José Soares, in which Harmen Fraanje features. These are such precious experiences, and I am excited to reach even further in the future.”

You are nominated for the German Jazz Prize in the category Drums/Percussion International, alongside Makaya McCraven and Terri Lyne Carrington. Any thoughts?

“I have no words for it. It’s a bit scary to be beside them since they are such an inspiration to me. I am honoured by the fact that my name is up there and I need to enjoy this moment of my life. At the same time, I will go back to my studio to practice harder, and keep making music that is coming from me.”

Sun-Mi Hong Quintet

  • Nicolò Ricci – tenor saxophone
  • Alistair Payne – trumpet
  • Chaerin Im – piano
  • Alessandro Fongaro – bass
  • Sun-Mi Hong – drums

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