Meet Celia Swart from SWART.

19 June 2019

Every year, a number of students work behind the scenes to make inJazz a success. This year inJazz collaborated with Hogeschool Utrecht and in particular with one of their Journalism students: Wen Xin van der Linden. One of her assignments in her first year is to make two audioslides for inJazz.

For this first audioslide, Wen Xin followed Dutch jazz composer and saxophonist Celia Swart. Celia is one of the artists selected for the Dutch inJazz festival programme. Enjoy a 40-minute performance by her modern jazz group SWART. on Friday 28 June at LantarenVenster! But first, check out the audioslide Wen Xin made and get to know more about Celia.