Dutch jazz list

16 November 2023

On behalf of Buma Cultuur and inJazz the Dutch jazz list has been brought to life. In this list is easy to find per municipality where activities or events take place with and around jazz music. The purpose of this list is to map the Dutch jazz landscape and make all these parties easy to find. Jazz lovers but also similar parties can meet here or discover each other. InJazz hopes to lift the Dutch jazz landscape to an even higher level!

The Dutch jazz list was presented by Maryse Brink at the Annual Meeting of the VNJJ (association of Dutch jazz venues and festivals) during inJazz 2023.

Please note that the Dutch jazz list is in Dutch and for reading purposes only. Downloading, printing, distribution or presenting in any other kind of way from this list is prohibited without permission by inJazz. Any other questions > info@injazz.nl.